Students Making Money Online And The New Age Economy

These days studying at university full time is an expensive business with course fees, accommodation and not forgetting costs for the occasional night out. A lot of students struggle to make ends meet with limited options to either get part-time work as well as taking out substantial loans which can take decades to pay off.

However the internet and the new age economy of making money online presents many possible opportunities for students to overcome such difficulties.

There are many ways you can make a living online from selling on ebay, offering services such as tuition and technical skills such as graphics, web design as well as writing content with being a freelancer.

However that’s the tip of the iceberg, with some pursuing internet marketing which has huge potential to make massive amounts of money through affiliate marketing or with creating and selling digital products.

A great resource which is leading the effort to bring awareness is the online income dude website which provides many step-by-step tutorials and informative articles covering various strategies and tactics.

In addition its also worth mentioning that many students are not aware of study grants and scholarships, especially when they have enrolled into their courses. Make sure to check out campus bulletin boards as well as your campus careers service. A good online resource to check out is the college scholarships which outlines many opportunities.

In conclusion we recommend that you take the time to figure a strategy to avoid getting into huge financial debt with pursuing means of additional income whilst in parallel to studying.

Leading The Way on Cancer Research

The collaborative body for cancer research in Nordic countries the Nordic Cancer Union (NCU) have been hitting the headlines recently with advanced research into cancer proton therapy.

Proton beam therapy is a type of radiation treatment which does not use x-rays but protons to treat cancer. Unlike standard x-ray radiation which damages surrounding tissue of the tumor, protons have the benefit of targeting the tumor with destroying cancer cells at high energy and further use 60% less radiation.

With recent events surrounding the five year old Ashya King case who’s parents where briefly jailed after taking him out of hospital and fleeing abroad to pursue proton therapy have reported that he is cancer free. Such cases has done much to increase demand of such therapy whereby many countries around the world are lacking such capabilities with the US, China, Japan and Germany being one of the few countries taking on global demands.

Organizations such as the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance have treated many people from the European Union, even though the first proton therapy center in Western Europe has been around since 1984 which being the Swiss Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

However change is indeed on the horizon with many countries now looking to adopt such technology.

For those whom are pursuing further education and research it is worth noting that the NCU is open for awarding grants with supporting collaborative cancer research within the Nordic countries. Call for applications will be opened in the summer of 2015. For further information please refer to the NCU Research Grant for details.

A guide to successful studying

The last thing you want to be doing is studying for an exam at the last minute with burning the midnight candle the night before. Successful studying is an on-going process which begins with adopting the right attitudes and habits.

Its about managing your time effectively together with how you capture and learn information.

Here are some top tips to help you on your way to achieving your higher educational goals:

  • Get into the habit of reviewing your study notes on a regular basis. A great way to do that is to develop a mind map for each topic which has concise bullet points, colors as well as images can help with improving your long term memory. Spend some time on weekly basis with quickly recapping the main points. In fact why not place the mind maps on your bedroom wall? You may well be surprised as to how much you can learn without the feeling of spending laborious hours studying at your desk.
  • As soon as you have read textbooks, ensure that the supporting information is added to your study notes from lectures. You could use sticky pads or just annotate notes along the margin or on the back page.
  • Identify when you need help way before any exams! Its important that you ask questions no matter how stupid you may think it is. There is no need to feel embarrassed and chances are they will be many others whom are thinking the same thing. Further make sure to see your lecturer with asking questions as well as seeking out help of friends whom can help with understanding topics better.
  • A great way to help with recalling information is to use flash cards, diagrams and acronyms. Use them whilst on the move at every opportunity.

Getting Ready For Your Exams:

Before you even begin preparing for your examination, it is extremely important that you conduct research as to what the scope of the exam is. You need to determine what specific topics and skills which are being examined. Gather as much information as you can through asking your questions as well as reviewing past papers. The following checklist can help:

  • Ensure you understand the course outline, aims and focus.
  • For each exam make sure to know how much of it contributes to your final mark.
  • Ascertain if the course is essential to your future aims of either employment or further study.
  • Identify all resources associated with the course e.g. text books, lectures and supporting study groups as well as online.
  • How much of the course syllabus will be covered by the exam. It maybe the whole term, parts or the entire course.
  • Understand the type of questions which will be asked e.g. is it mulch-choice or mixture of written answers?
  • Ascertain if the exam is an open book or not as well as what you are allowed to bring to the exam room e.g. calculators, formula sheets etc.
  • Use practice exam papers with testing yourself under the same conditions e.g. timed duration.

Once you have completed your exam, take the time to relax and not stress out about the results. Even if you where to fail miserably, it is important to realize that you will always have the opportunity to correct course. Life is after all a never ending learning experience!